Billing Cycle: The subscription fee for the “HTO CLUB” service is for a period of One Year (12 months) starting from 1st September to 31st August and the subscription amount will be exclusive of all Taxes and any other charges as applicable time to time that may incur in connection with use of the services. The possible transaction fee along with applicable taxes will be charged on an yearly basis. The subscribers will be automatically renewed unless requested HTO Club for ‘Not to renew’. The renewal bill will be generated and the subscribers are liable for the Payment.

Mode of Payment will be in general format, which will be convenient to every subscriber. The methods of payment are clearly mentioned in the “Payment Method” column and any change in it will be intimated/updated from time to time though alerts. Cash payments are strictly not accepted.

Payment Methods: Subscriber will have an option to change his/her Payment Method by visiting “” website. As per the option specified by the subscriber the mode of payment will be changed. On successful payment, member will become subscriber or the existing subscriber will be updated/ renewed. Subscriber can also update his/her Payment Method automatically at any stage before their due date. If the payment is made in foreign currency, such foreign currency transaction shall be governed by laws of the remitting country and also receiving country i.e., India.

Any subscriber is at liberty to cancel his/her “HTO CLUB” subscription any point of time, but the annual subscription paid will not be returned on event of cancellation, however the subscriber will continue to have access to the “HTO CLUB” service till the end of their annual subscription period. If subscriber cancels his/her subscription, his/her account will automatically close at the end of their subscribed billing period.

Any subscriber’s account in the event of violation of Terms and conditions may be terminated without any notice.